We all know that safety is the primary concern and top priority for everyone involved in the student transportation industry. When kids take school buses, parents place their trust in the driver and the vehicle, expecting that it is a safe place for their children to stay. Unfortunately, from time to time, there are news reports describing incidents of children waiting for delayed buses for more than 40 minutes in chilly winter or stranded inside a bus for hours until someone realizes that they are missing. Parents are often frustrated over late buses and lack of information available on the location of the bus and whether their kids had caught or missed the bus. School administrators are often exhausted with answering parents’ phone calls about late buses and missing students without active real-time school bus fleet operation information and student ridership logs.

When the school buses are out of your line of vision, how can you ensure that the driver will follow all safety rules and the correct bus route? How do you trust that the vehicles are in good running condition and fully meet the relevant compliance regulations in real time?

Telitek School Bus Fleet Management System (FMS) is the solution to all the concerns mentioned.

School Bus Fleet Management System

School Bus Fleet Management System, with the combination of Student Ridership Management System and teleBus mobile application, is a web based cloud platform that provides real time analytics and offers the most advanced insight into your fleet operation to achieve the highest standard of safety and fleet efficiency.

There are numerous benefits to fleet management to enable you to achieve these results, such as the following: 

  • Boost your fleet operation and enhance driver productivity by visualizing your fleet operation and driver activities throughout the day. 
  • Increase driver accountability by monitoring location, speed, acceleration, ignition, door, stop arm and reversing events of each vehicle. The system maintains an accurate and detailed profile of each driver’s behavior through a daily report and could provide necessary coaching and training based on each driver’s conduct.
  • Ensure compliance requirements by monitoring vehicle speed, collecting panic button status from real operation. Its customized compliance reports will be provided to authorized departments required by the traffic mandate electronically.
  • Improve proactive and predictive maintenance with real time analysis of vehicle engine running data. Defects will be inspected and alerted with a maintenance suggestions to eliminate costly vehicle breakdowns.
  • Confirm that no students are left unattended on the bus by requiring the driver to walk to the back of the bus to press “Post-Trip Inspection Completion” button, ensuring that the bus is empty.
  • Optimize route finding and dispatch efficiently by actively analyzing gathered historical data.
  • Provide extensible and secured web platform with open or customized API to seamlessly integrated into the existing dispatching and CRM system.
  • Improve student transportation service with sight of fleet operation. Precise and real-time information will be provided to the school and parents via the teleBus App to bring them a peace of mind.

Student Ridership Management System


Every day, parents are anxious to get their kids to school safely and on time. Parents are often concerned and worried about whether their kids got on to the right bus at right time, employment of a new driver or the traffic jam affecting waiting periods.

Telitek’s Student Ridership Management System (RMS), based on face recognition biometrics technology, allows for more visualization of school bus trips with real time tracking on all students and buses, making sure of “right child in right bus”, and bringing parents and school officials a peace of mind and makes each day easier.