teleBus is a telematics based integrated fleet management solution for bus transportation industry from school bus, public transit to tour coach. While the passengers pursue for trip safety, convenience and on time arrival, the fleet management need their operation more productive, more profitable and highly efficient. The teleBus solution, provides real-time actionable information to passengers, drivers and fleet operators.

The wireless data gateway rugged in the vehicle, will collects vehicle operating and usage parameters from engine faults to idling time, and much more. The result gives a clear picture of the fleet’s risk level, productivity, and maintenance status - as well as a path to improvement. With such comprehensive data, you'll be able to optimize your fleet's performance, improve productivity, and minimize maintenance costs.

The cloud based secure server will gather and host all useful data, provide analysis of performance and efficiency with open or customized API to seamlessly integrated into the existing dispatching and CRM system.

teleBus App is a ready to use mobile application running on both iOS and Android devices, and downloaded for free from Telitek website, App Store and Google Play.

Backing of the proven Telitek School Bus Fleet Management System, teleBus App provides parent with essential information that is simple and easy to understand while transporting its most precious riders, our children. Its features include:  

Easy setup

Only necessary information needed to register: student ID and name, parent contact info, school bus and route info

Secure access

Protected with user name and password when login

Instant bus running information

The current bus location, the distance and estimated arrival time to your bus stop updated in minute

Student ridership monitoring

Tracking your kids and know precisely when and where they got on and off the right bus

Push notification and email alert sent instantly when

Bus approaching to your home stop, your kids no show at expected bus stop, bus route changes, etc.

With the accurate, real-time information teleBus provided, parents can send their children to the bus stop at just the right time, reducing their exposure to weather conditions, traffic and other dangers. Also with online student ridership management, it enhances their child safety and bring them ease and peace of mind.

Always Know Your Child’s Whereabouts at Your Fingertips!