Waste Bin and Truck Tracking Management System

Main assets for bin rental business in waste industry are waste bins and trucks. With inaccurate bin inventory, untimely truck status and lack of site info, it`s hard to gain the revenue increased and get the client satisfied.

Utilizing the power of RFID technology, with the accurate GPS locating, Telitek launches a waste bin and truck tracking management system. With this system, it allows to track and monitor your assets in most efficient way, locate and manage assets easier and make you succeed in today’s competitive waste hauling marketplace.

The system extends and deepens your sight on operation with more detail and real time data in intuitive way.  It shows bin’s precise location with customer information, date/time of service, truck’s trips and activities, etc. All these boost efficiency and productivity, improve dispatching, enhance security and reduce waste management operation cost.

Waste Bins and Trucks Tracking Management System Diagram.png


Accurate Bin Inventory

Up to date bin information, a glance for all your bin assets, their location, status and stay time, etc. , well know your resource and quick reach out all available bins.

Truck Status.png

Roll-offs Management

Accurate bin pickup/drop-off time report allows dispatchers have a real picture of whole operation, understanding what’s happening in the field and scheduling efficiently.

Bin Status.png

Real Time Truck Tracking

Effective means to monitor truck performance from every movement and activity. Its engine hours, idling time, trip history is all be traced and analyzed for maximum asset utilization.


Geofence Secure Assets

Keep all your valuable assets in your sight, help you quickly and accurately pinpoint your assets.

Efficient dispatching


Dispatcher has all asset status information in real time and can make use of all available resource to utilize the assets, vehicles and waste bins.

Simplifying operations, reducing human intervention and labor intensity


All the data collected by the system will eliminate miscellaneous work, reduce paperwork and avoid human faults.

Low cost investment and high profit return


With limited and extra low-cost investment, all assets will be managed. With the optimization of the operation based on the live data, ROI will be increased dramatically