GMS50T-HS is a cutting-edge GPS and cellular network based wireless gateway for tracking and monitoring of non-powered assets such as trailers, intermodal containers, rail cars, heavy construction and agriculture equipment, etc. Its solar panel with internal rechargeable super-capacitors makes long term or multi-event tracking mobile assets possible. The rugged, low profile and weather proof housing is designed to withstand the harsh environment of the transportation. It can also accommodate a variety of accessories and sensors, such as external iridium modem for dual mode operation, cargo sensors, temperature sensors, door sensors, etc., and offers the ability to track any asset even in the most demanding conditions. GMS50T-HS can be managed through Telitek’s Smart Cloud web applications or 3rd party integrator's software platform for tracking, monitoring, and managing.


Solar panel with big capacity rechargeable battery makes long term or multi-event tracking of non-powered assets possible. Optionally, the unit can also be charged from a vehicle or external DC power via a waterproof connector.


  • Rugged, low profile and weather proof housing

  • Superior GPS and Cell RF performance

  • Smart Solar Charger for SuperCaps

  • Extremely low power consumption achieved by SMART POWER MANAGER

  • Extra memory for storing more than 5,000 events

  • Over-the-air firmware update and configuration

  • Time-tested and customer proven

  • All- in-one design and “place & play” features make installation simple

  • Accommodate a variety of accessories and sensors

  • Web-based applications with location and status reports

  • Fully certificated by FCC, IC and PTCRB.