GPS Fleet Management (GFM)

Managing a fleet can be overwhelming. From monitoring the vehicle’s performance to driver behaviors, you have a lot to worry about. Knowing the status of your out of sight fleet is the one of the most critical components of successful fleet management. Telitek GPS fleet management system takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of monitoring your fleet, and does much more than just track the location of your fleet. It will give you better insight into your fleet functions: 

  • Instant Visibility of fleet and asset 24/7 from anywhere with trip and activities reporting

  • Extract ECM Data from Both OBDII and J1939 to get and report RPM, speed, fuel consumption and DTC code, etc. in real time

  • Driving Behavior Report: Be warned if drivers speeding, idleing, or undergo unauthorized vehicle usage

  • Get Better MPG by shrinking idling and engine running time, cutting unauthorized vehicle usage

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