Waste Management System (WMS)

Curbside solid waste collection is one of many important sections in municipal waste management. Nowadays, the professionals in this industry pursue cutting collection costs, reducing worker's intensity, increasing operation efficiency and creating a return on investment.

The Waste Management System, developed by Telitek, helps them to realize this dream. Focusing on monitoring the entire process of solid waste pickup, the system is providing real time trash carts data and is tracking all truck activities.

Telitek Waste Management System (WMS) is comprised of On-Truck Data Collection System and Back-End Server Data Processing System.

Waste Management System Schematics.png

Based on cellular communication, GPS positioning and RFID technologies, our ON-Truck System collects the operation data of solid waste carts in real time. The truck mounted RFID reader will capture information of embedded RFID tag in solid waste and recycling carts. The handheld event reader allows the operator to input custom data during trash collection. The custom data will include the events occurred during operations, such as material compliance, incorrect location of cart, improper packing and its quantity, unsorted oversize item, etc. With in-cab mounted wireless gateway GMS50, all the information will be transmitted to the back-end server over the air.

A data processing system running on the back-end server, viewed through a web-based portal, provides intuitive information of the operation. Not only limited to collecting and tracking data on trash pickup operations, the system also manages the information of truck operating data, vehicle inspection and maintenance records, driver behavior, etc. It also includes functions like history data analysis, detailed reporting, dashboard of key performance indicators and mapping capabilities. This application maintains high level secured access protection and easily integrates with other application systems with Application Programming Interface.

Characteristics of the WMS

  • Real time trash collection tracking: bin location, time of the collection, event reported, etc.
  • Comprehensive event definition and report
  • Simplifying operations, reducing human intervention and minimizing labor intensity
  • Embedded AVL function leading to optimized fleet management
  • Electronic vehicle and equipment inspection and maintenance management
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Significant events push notice/message sending
On-Truck System contains wireless gateway GMS50, mounted RFID reader, handheld event reader and event board.

On-Truck System contains wireless gateway GMS50, mounted RFID reader, handheld event reader and event board.