The GMS96T-MS is a cutting edge GPS and the latest LTE Cat.M1 & Cat.NB1 cellular network based wireless gateway used for tracking and monitoring non-powered assets such as trailers, intermodal containers, rail cars, heavy construction equipment, agriculture equipment, and much more. With a durable solar panel powering internal rechargeable batteries, makes long term and multi-event mobile assets tracking possible.  The rugged, low profile and weather proof housing is designed to withstand the harsh environment of transportation. It can also accommodate a variety of accessories, such as cargo sensors, temperature/humidity sensors, door sensors, etc., and offers the ability to track any asset even in themost demanding conditions. GMS96T-MS can be managed through Telitek’s SmartCloud web applications or any third party integrator's software.


  • Extremely low power consumption achieved by SMART POWER MANAGER®.

  • All-in-one design and “place & play” features make installation simple.

  • Over-the-air firmware upgrade and configuration.

  • Accommodate a variety of accessories and sensors.

  • Time-tested and customer proven.

  • Fully certificated by FCC, IC and PTCRB.

  • Latest cellular technology, perfect for low-cost, low-power, wide area IoT wireless applications.

  • Rugged, low profile and weather proof housing.

  • Extra memory for storing more than 5,000 events.

  • Latest MPPT solar charger for internal rechargable batteries.

  • Superior GPS and Cell RF performance.

  • Web-based applications with location and status reports.Time-tested and customer proven.