Trailers in the transportation industry are often running on the road or dispersed over a wide geography. Traditional methods of managing these out of sight trailers include manual yard checks, calling customers, and the use of drivers for location and status information. These methods, however, are highly inefficient, time-consuming and error-prone. As a result, many owners lose big portions of their trailer`s value due to under-utilization, misplacement, faulty maintenance, valued cargo loss, or theft. 

Telitek TMS Functions and features

  • Trailer Pools Management will maximize trailer utilization; it leads to greater profitability.

  • Automatic Yard Check can eliminate unnecessary labor-intensive and error-prone manual yard check, thereby improve operation efficiency.

  • Cargo Status Detection will report when a trailer is loaded or unloaded for increasing visibility of load transition activities.

  • Cargo Secure will report unauthorized door open event, confirm trailer location and cargo status changes with GPS time and position stamp in real time.

  • Detention Report will improve detention billing accuracy with time stamps, motivating customers to load/unload your trailer first, and reduce detention time.

  • Improve Driver Retention by sending driver to retrieve the Ready-to-Go trailer, and increase driver productivity and returns per trailer.

With Telitek TMS, you will establish a solid future-oriented basis and be well prepared for tomorrow’s business challenges. 

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